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Sur la technicité de la philosophie : l’oeuvre de Simondon à la lumière de la note complémentaire


This paper takes the understanding of philosophy as political techne to be at the core of Gilbert Simondon’s thought. This is shown against the background of the Note Complémentaire, a short text written at the same time as his two main works Du mode d’existence des objets techniques and L’individuation à la lumière des notions de forme et d’information. An analysis of the specific function played by technics within culture in Simondon’s thought helps draw a line that connects the two books. Culture is conceived as a regulatory apparatus of social systems, made of structures and processes of transindividual individuation recurrently made metastable by both biological and technical factors. In my conclusions, I deal with Simondon’s understanding of philosophy as a pedagogical tradition, that is a subset of culture carrying and spreading the schemas of political invention it has developed from technics since its pre-Socratic origins.

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Bardin, Andrea

Oxford Brookes departments

Department of Social Sciences


Year of publication: 2019
Date of RADAR deposit: 2019-10-10

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