A Hermeneutics of Religious Education


Aldridge, David. (2015) A Hermeneutics of Religious Education. Bloomsbury.

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What does it mean to understand a religion? How should the concept of truth be addressed in the contemporary classroom? What is the proper subject matter of religious education and how does it relate to other subjects and the school curriculum as a whole? Despite the prevalence of literature on these subjects, these issues are far from resolved and consequently the place and nature of religious education in our schools is precarious and confused. A Hermeneutics of Religious Education argues that although the tradition of philosophical hermeneutics has transformed both educational thought and the academic discipline of religious studies, the literature of religious education pedagogy has paid only limited attention to these developments. To engage with them fully entails a transformation of our understanding of religious education and its importance in a curriculum of the twenty-first century.

AuthorsAldridge, David
DepartmentsFaculty of Humanities and Social Sciences\School of Education
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