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Resisting classification: Nonaka Yuri’s collages


Nonaka Yuri’s prolific career spans a period of several decades and encompasses versatile modes of artistic work. She published several books with prominent surrealist writers and worked as a designer on a broad range of publications, claiming a singular position in the crossover between the literary world and visual culture in Japan. Paying particular attention to her collage works, this essay focuses on two collaborative publications that Nonaka produced with Shibusawa Tatsuhiko in the 1960s and ‘70s. It discusses the relationship between text and image in these publications while situating them in a range of relevant contexts – modernist art, the intersection between book design and artistic practice, as well as the work of surrealist women artists. = Nonaka Yuri a publié plusieurs ouvrages avec des écrivains surréalistes, et réalisé une Ĺ“uvre à la lisière des arts littéraires et visuels. Cet article accorde une attention particulière à ses collages et à deux publications réalisées avec Shibusawa Tatsuhiko, dans les années 60 et 70, selon plusieurs directions esthétiques, le modernisme, le design, la pratique du surréalisme au féminin.

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Stojkovic, Jelena

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Year of publication: 2022
Date of RADAR deposit: 2022-03-21

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