Development of social enterprises in rural island tourism in China = 中国海岛乡村旅游的社会企业发展

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This paper discussed the major development stages of social enterprises (SEs) in rural island tourism in China. The authors established a conceptual framework with which to analyze the key factors affecting development under the context of Chinese social and economic institution. Informed by the SE life cycle model, the study adopted a case study approach with the Boxue Eco Village on Hainan Island as the case. Data were collected through in-depth interviews, focus group interviews, and observations. Institutional characteristics at every stage, including entrepreneurial, collectivity, standardization, and refinement, were analyzed. Based on the specificity of SE of rural tourism in this case, the authors summarized the influencing factors that shaped the development process of the enterprises. First-hand data were collected through interviews with entrepreneurs, management staff, villagers, and other stakeholders. The model was modified according to the research results, and provides a more integrated model suitable for SEs in Chinese islands. This study established a conceptual framework with which to analyze the development process of SEs in rural tourism within the institutional context of China. This framework could be applied to understand the substantial development of emerging SEs in China. = 本文讨论了中国海岛的乡村旅游中,社会企业发展的主要阶段。作者构建了一个概念模型,分析在中国社会经济制度条件下,影响社会企业的发展因素。结合社会企业生命周期模型,本研究以海南岛博学生态村为案例,通过深度访谈,焦点小组访和实地观察采集数据,展开分析。分析了包括创业、集体、标准化、精细化每个阶段的制度性特征。根据案例中的乡村旅游社会企业的特殊性,作者归纳了影响社会企业发展进程的影响因素。本研究通过对企业家、管理者、村民和其他利益相关者的访谈采集了一手数据。根据研究结果调整了理论模型并且提出了更加适合中国海岛乡村旅游社会企业的整合模型。本项研究为中国制度环境下的乡村旅游中,社会企业的发展建立了一个概念框架。该框架可以帮助人们理解新兴的中国社会企业的发展本质。


Han Shen
Xiao Liu
Mimi Li
Mingjie Ji


Oxford Brookes Business School


social enterprise, rural tourism, island destination, influencing factors, Tourism in China = 关键词:社会企业;乡村旅游;海岛目的地;影响因素;中国旅游

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Shen, H., Liu, X., Li, M. and Ji, M. () 'Development of social enterprises in rural island tourism in China = 中国海岛乡村旅游的社会企业发展', Journal of China Tourism Research. DOI: 10.1080/19388160.2018.1552639.