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Boundaries and best practice


This chapter considers the role of professional boundaries and best practice in coaching psychology. Boundaries and best practices are important in the field of coaching psychology not only to protect the coachee and ensure the delivery of a professional service but also to safeguard the provider of those services and the reputation of the practice. This chapter will begin with an overview of the boundaries of coaching psychology practice and consider where lines may be drawn between coaching psychology and related disciplines. A discussion on how ethical principles are promoted in coaching psychology will follow. Managing ethical boundaries will then be considered, particularly in counselling and psychotherapy, where the transgression of boundaries presents a risk for coaching psychologists. A review of online working will follow as this is becoming increasingly common in coaching practice and raises challenging ethical issues. The importance of continued professional development and supervision will finally be considered as ways of helping coaching psychologists and coaches drawing on coaching psychology to work ethically and effectively within professional boundaries on an ongoing basis. References to best practices will be considered as an integral part of the chapter as they are relevant not only to maintain high ethical standards but also to provide an effective service. While this chapter is written specifically within the framework of coaching psychology, it is likely to be of interest to all coaches who want to explore what they can learn from the application of the principles of psychology and the high professional standards and practices expected of coaching psychologists. -- Supplied by publisher.

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Myers, Adrian
Bachkirova, Tatiana

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Department of Business and Management


Year of publication: 2021
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