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Composite behaviour of cold-formed steel-timber floors


This article investigates, experimentally, the structural performance of lightweight cold-formed steel (CFS) - timber board composite flooring systems. Fifteen full-scale bending tests and twelve companion pushout connection tests were performed. The effect of connection detail (comprising self-drilling screws with or without a structural adhesive) on structural per-formance is examined. The results of this research demonstrate that the use of a polyurethane adhesive, in conjunction with screws, leads to a significant increase in connection slip modulus and a higher degree of composite action in the floors, resulting in up to 40% increase in flex-ural stiffness, when compared to joists designed individually. The experimental results are then compared to predictions from relevant existing analytical models.

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Raffoul, Samar
Moutaftsis, Dimitrios
Heywood, Martin
Rowell, Michael

Oxford Brookes departments

School of Architecture


Year: 2020

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