Postgraduate Dissertation

A quest to find an authentic artistic voice: could lingering in a liminal space nurture creativity?


This reflective autoethnographic research into my art making utilises art-based research methods. I sought to discover if a liminal space could nurture my creativity and examine what factors inhibited or enabled art making that was authentic and meaningful to me. Through investigation into threshold concepts and creative process I come to understand the complexity and paradoxical nature of a liminal space. The research fits within the social constructionist framework through which meaning is co-constructed between self and other. Using the visual method of photo elicitation generated both knowledge and data. As a data set the visual was enlightening, influencing how I engaged with written data. Initially I was struggling to make meaningful artwork. A surprise external prompt, a Eureka moment, took me in a direction I had not anticipated. I entered the liminal space with a purpose and it allowed me to think differently. My artwork took on deep personal meaning, a visualisation of my own creative process. Presenting my artwork in various formats continued to reveal more meaning and data as the research progressed. Through reflexive analysis I see that my art making becomes meaningful with the influence of the external. The sharing of my artwork helps to consolidate meaning by communicating it to others.

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