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The Genetics of Language Acquisition


This chapter focuses on the understanding of the role of genetics in language and explores how genetics contribute to language, and shows how new genetic techniques can offer inroads into the molecular basis of language acquisition. It discusses some of the key findings of gene x environment studies and provides a snapshot of the understanding in the field, considering some of the limitations of the type of study design. The chapter describes the field of play in the genetics of language acquisition and explains the heritability of language and the role of family and twin studies in the understanding of language. It also explores the inheritance mechanisms that are implicated in language development. The chapter considers how modern DNA sequencing approaches are revolutionizing the field of language genetics. Heritability studies have provided many key insights into the genetics of both language acquisition and language disorders. Insights into mechanisms can also come from the opposite end of the language ability spectrum.

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Mountford, Hayley S.
Newbury, Dianne F.

Oxford Brookes departments

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences\Department of Biological and Medical Sciences


Year of publication: 2019
Date of RADAR deposit: 2019-05-17

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