History of Dorset House Vol. 3


Scrapbook of photographs, press cuttings, written memories and papers documenting the school's time at the Churchill Hospital, 1946-1960.Includes, a short history of the move to the hospital; school prospectuses; photographs of the Nissan huts; press cuttings and photographs of Mis Macdonald's retirement; photographs of Harberton House and Miss Christer, warden; list of other occupational therapy schools and hospitals that provide clinical experience; press cuttings concerning the opening of a new wing; journal article concerning Dorset House; notice to staff and students, photographs and cuttings concerning the 21st birthday of the school; an article written by Dr Casson; Press cuttings of the World Federation of Occupational Therapists Congress in Edinburgh; photographs of staff and students; Dr Casson's obituaries; photographs of Founder's Day; Press cuttings of Sir Hugh Casson; photographs of the demolition of the Nissan huts; and a transcript of a talk given by Dr Casson to a branch of the British Medical Association. 22 leaves.

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5 - Papers documenting the history of Dorset House,

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Compiled by Dorset House School of Occupational Therapy. Photographers unidentified


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