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Modelling physical resilience in ageing mice


Geroprotectors, a class of drugs targeting multiple deficits occurring with age, necessitate the development of new animal models to test their efficacy. The COST Action MouseAGE is a European network whose aim is to reach consensus on the translational path required for geroprotectors, interventions targeting the biology of ageing. In our previous work we identified frailty and loss of resilience as a potential target for geroprotectors. Frailty is the result of an accumulation of deficits, which occurs with age and reduces the ability to respond to adverse events (physical resilience). Modelling frailty and physical resilience in mice is challenging for many reasons. There is no consensus on the precise definition of frailty and resilience in patients or on how best to measure it. This makes it difficult to evaluate available mouse models. In addition, the characterization of those models is poor. Here we review potential models of physical resilience, focusing on those where there is some evidence that the administration of acute stressors requires integrative responses involving multiple tissues and where aged mice showed a delayed recovery or a worse outcome then young mice in response to the stressor. These models include sepsis, trauma, drug- and radiation exposure, kidney and brain ischemia, exposure to noise, heat and cold shock.

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Schosserer, Markus
Banks, Gareth
Dogan, Soner
Dungel, Peter
Fernandes, Adelaide
Presen, Darja Marolt
Matheu, Ander
Osuchowski, Marcin
Potter, Paul
Sanfeliu, Coral
Tuna, Bilge Guven
Varela-Nieto, Isabel
Bellantuono, Ilaria

Oxford Brookes departments

Department of Biological and Medical Sciences


Year of publication: 2018
Date of RADAR deposit: 2019-09-12

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