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Architectural regeneration practice in different contexts


While architecture is often judged by its physical outcomes, the field of architectural regeneration is more widely defined by the processes that underpin these tangible outcomes – the professional and social relationships, economic drivers and cultural and political frameworks that shape, and are in turn shaped by architectural regeneration. This chapter draws on interviews with five regeneration practitioners who offer insights into the diverse fields of engagement and the roles that regeneration practitioners can play. The interviewees were chosen for the depth of their expertise, the variety of forms of practice, and for the diverse approaches of engagement with the field. These range from architectural regeneration in post-conflict reconstruction via high profile listed building interventions to small, community-focused adaptive reuse projects and architectural regeneration practice in local government in the UK. Whilst not fully representative of the broad field, their stories delineate some of the key corner posts that define the field for architects who work in regeneration, and reflect on a range of alternative ways of working for those seeking a specialist niche in their architectural practice.

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Wedel, Julia

Oxford Brookes departments

School of Architecture


Year of publication: 2020
Date of RADAR deposit: 2020-01-24

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