Manx public law

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This text is intended as an introduction for those starting postgraduate study of Manx law, having completed an undergraduate programme containing a substantial proportion of English law. Thus, it should be useful for those undertaking independent research into Manx law as part of a higher degree and, a much larger constituency, articled clerks coming to grips with their new jurisdiction, having completed the academic stages of their legal education in England. Accordingly, the text assumes a certain level of basic knowledge about the English jurisdiction, and English traditions in law-making. The discussion of criminal law and procedure aims to be comparative, seeking to bring out those areas where Manx law and English law may differ, rather than detailing areas of similarity. This Part of the text, in particular, might well appear incomprehensible to those coming from other disciplines, including those with a general interest in Manx culture, rather than Manx law.


Peter Edge


Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


Manx Law Isle of Man

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Edge, P. () Manx public law. Isle of Man: Isle of Man Law Society.