Localization and interactions between Arabidopsis auxin biosynthetic enzymes in the TAA/YUC-dependent pathway

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Kriechbaumer, V., Botchway, S. and Hawes, C. () 'Localization and interactions between Arabidopsis auxin biosynthetic enzymes in the TAA/YUC-dependent pathway', Journal of Experimental Botany, 68 (12) pp. 4195-4207.

The growth regulator auxin is involved in all key developmental processes in plants. A complex network of a multiplicity of potential auxin biosynthetic pathways as well as transport, signalling plus conjugation and deconjugation lead to a complicated system of auxin function. This raises the question how such a complex and multifaceted system producing such a powerful and important molecule as auxin can be effectively organised and controlled. Here we report that a subset of auxin biosynthetic enzymes in the TAA/YUC route of auxin biosynthesis is localised to the endoplasmic reticulum (ER). ER microsomal fractions also contain a significant percentage of auxin biosynthetic activity. This could point toward a model of auxin function using ER membrane location and subcellular compartmentation for supplementary layers of regulation. Additionally we show specific protein-protein interactions between some of the enzymes in the TAA/YUC route of auxin biosynthesis.

AuthorsV Kriechbaumer
S Botchway
C Hawes
FacultyFaculty of Health and Life Sciences
Keywordsauxin biosynthesis, YUCCA, metabolon, Arabidopsis thaliana, localisation, protein-protein interaction, compartmentation, endoplasmic reticulum