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The luxury yacht charter market and sustainable brand image : the case of Sunreef


Purpose. Drive, power and consciousness are the corner stones for the long-term sustainability of any industry. In the luxury yachting industry, the objective of this study is to evidence through the case of sunreed yachting that environmental innovation in the yachting industry has been key to sustainability. Design/methodology/approach. As a case study central to this paper, Sunreef has reconciled key luxury sustainability indicators to improve its brand image. This article adopted a case study approach to provide a systematic documentary analysis of online materials. It is also supported by a critical review of recent literature. Findings. Beyond reconciling the three core components of any long-term sustainable strategy, the paper provides evidence that luxury yachting can operate without impacting negatively on the environment and local population, providing it is fully aware of the challenges faced by the planet in terms of sustainability, and that everyone has a role to play in achieving sustainability (consciousness) and also a willingness (driver) to invest in research and development (power). Originality/value. This paper addresses the sustainability challenge in the luxury yachting industry. The case of Sunreef Yachts Eco has shown that green communication and innovations are able to reverse the unsustainable ecological trends in the yachting industry. This paper argues that “green activism” is the key encapsulating all the approaches by Sunreef, linking “consciousness”, “power” and “drivers” in sustainability yachting.

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Séraphin, Hugues
Maingi, Shem Wambugu

Oxford Brookes departments

Oxford Brookes Business School


Year of publication: 2023
Date of RADAR deposit: 2023-04-12

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