Thesis (Ph.D)

Aural evolutions: intersections of sound with the physical space


This is a practice-based research project situated at an intersection between the fields of electroacoustic composition, experimental composition, and sound art. The general research context for this project is a territory that engages with sound as a physical medium, and is concerned with the representation of acoustic phenomena through sound art and experimental composition. Practitioners in this territory include Alvin Lucier, Sato Minoru and Carsten Nicolai. The present study extends this territory in order to focus on the representation of mechanisms that affect the evolution of a sound from the moment it is produced and until it reaches our perception. Each work presented in this thesis deals with the representation of specific elements of an acoustic phenomenon that are capable of shaping the form of a sound. In doing so, this research project contributes with an original portfolio of works that explore the representation of elements such as the relationship of the size of a space with the frequency of a sound that is produced inside this space. As a result from this process, this study exposes intersections and analogies between the material and the energetic space as they are manifested by the evolution of sound as a physical phenomenon, and engages the audience in experiencing the meeting points of these two spaces.

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Chatzigiannis, E


Year: 2011

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