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Road infrastructure and primate conservation : introducing the Global primate roadkill database


As road infrastructure networks rapidly expand globally, especially in the tropics, previously continuous habitats are being fragmented, resulting in more frequent wildlife–vehicle collisions (WVC). Primates are widespread throughout many sub-/tropical countries, and as their habitats are fragmented, they are increasingly at risk of WVC. We created the Global Primate Roadkill Database (GPRD), the largest available standardized database of primate roadkill incidents. We obtained data from published papers, un-published and citizen science databases, anecdotal reports, news reports, and social media posts. Here, we describe the collection methods for the GPRD and present the most up-to-date version of the database in full. For each primate roadkill incident, we recorded the species killed, the exact location, and the year and month the roadkill was observed. At the time of publication, the GPRD includes 2862 individual primate roadkill records from 41 countries. As primates range in more than twice as many countries, the absence of data from these countries is not necessarily indicative of a lack of primate vehicular collisions. Given the value of these data for addressing both local and global research questions, we encourage conservationists and citizen scientists to contribute to the GPRD so that, together, we can better understand the impact road infrastructure has on primates and evaluate measures which may help mitigate risk-prone areas or species.

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Praill, Laura C.
Eppley, Timothy M.
Shanee, Sam
Cunneyworth, Pamela M.K.
Abra, Fernanda D.
Allgas, Néstor
Al-Razi, Hassan
Campera, Marco
Cheyne, Susan M.
Collinson, Wendy
Donati, Giuseppe
Linden, Birthe
Manson, Sophie
Maria, Marjan
Morcatty, Thais Q.
Nekaris, K.A.I.
Oklander, Luciana I.
Nijman, Vincent
Svensson, Magdalena S.

Oxford Brookes departments

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Department of Biological and Medical Sciences


Year of publication: 2023
Date of RADAR deposit: 2023-05-22

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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