'My teeth don't chew on shrapnel': an anthology of poetry by military veterans


This anthology, created by Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre, features poetry written by participants and associates of the Oxford Brookes Veterans' Poetry Workshop, 2019-20. Nine poets are represted here: Jo Young, Tom Laaser, Claire Hughes, Noel Harrower, John Thampi, Jamie Broady, Andrew Fassett, Stewart Hill, and Maggs Vibo. The anthology also includes an introduction by Niall Munro, an explanation of the workshop process by Susie Campbell, an essay about women veteran writers by Jane Potter, and reflections on her research into the perceptions of veterans in the UK and the US by Rita Phillips. Susie Campbell has also provided helpful writing prompts linked to the poems for those readers who are - or would like to be - writers. In addition to the four versions of the anthology, this package of files also includes transcripts of each of the interviews conducted by Dr Niall Munro with ten workshop participants, not all of whom appear in the anthology: Eugene Ratz, John Thampi, J. Robin Whitely, Jo Young (two interviews), Andrew Fassett, Tom Laaser, Stewart Hill, Claire Hughes, Maggs Vibo, and Jamie Broady. The transcriptions were completed by Dr Hester Bradley.

Technical Information

There are three different versions of the anthology free to download with slightly different content and of differing sizes: (1) an enhanced version of the anthology in pdf format (includes audio recordings of each piece - 119 MB) (2) an enhanced version of the anthology in pdf format (includes audio recordings of the poems only - 68.6 MB) (3) the text-only version of the anthology in pdf format (no audio recordings - 5.1 MB) (4) an e-pub version of the anthology for screen-readers and e-book software (no audio - 2 MB) The transcriptions of the ten interviews with workshops participants are in pdf format.


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Munro, Niall (Oxford Brookes Poetry Centre)
Campbell, Susie
Potter, Jane (Oxford Brookes University)
Phillips, Rita
Thampi, John
Young, Jo
Fassett, Andrew
Laaser, Tom
Hughes, Claire
Broady, Jamie
Harrower, Noel
Vibo, Maggs


Researchers: Bradley, Hester (Oxford Brookes University)

Oxford Brookes departments

Department of English and Modern Languages


Year: 2020


Oxford Brookes University : Research Excellence Award (Impact); Faculty Events Fund

Published by Oxford Brookes University

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

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