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The use of prescanning in the parameterization of sequential pointing and reaching movements


The accuracy of reaching movements improves when active gaze can be used to fixate on targets. The advantage of free gaze has been attributed to the use of ocular proprioception or efference signals for online control. The time course of this process, however, is not established, and it is unclear how far in advance gaze can move and still be used to parameterize subsequent movements. In this experiment, the authors considered the advantage of prescanning targets for both pointing and reaching movements. The authors manipulated the visual information and examined the extent to which prescanning of targets could compensate for a reduction in online visual feedback. In comparison with a conventional reaching/pointing condition, the error in pointing was reduced, the eye-hand lead decreased, and both the hand-closure time and the size of the maximum grip aperture in reaching were modulated when prescanning was allowed. These results indicate that briefly prescanning multiple targets just prior to the movement allows the refinement of subsequent hand movements that yields an improvement in accuracy. This study therefore provides additional evidence that the coordinate information arising from efference or ocular-proprioceptive signals can, for a limited period, be buffered and later used to generate a sequence of movements.

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Wilmut, K
Wann, J

Oxford Brookes departments

Faculty of Health and Life Sciences
Faculty of Health and Life Sciences\Department of Psychology


Year of publication: 2008
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