Proceedings of the 12th UK Conference on Boundary Integral Methods (UKBIM12)


Boundary integral methods have become established for solving a wide variety of problems in science and engineering. UK based researchers have been active and made substantial contributions in the theory and development of boundary integral formulations, as well as their analysis, discretisation and numerical solution. The UKBIM conference series aims to provide a forum where recent developments in boundary integral methods can be discussed in an informal atmosphere. The first UK conference on boundary integral methods (UKBIM) was held at the University of Leeds in 1997. Subsequent UKBIM conferences have taken place in Brunel (1999), Brighton (2001), Salford (2003), Liverpool (2005), Durham (2007), Nottingham (2009), Leeds (2011), Aberdeen (2013), Brighton (2015) and Nottingham-Trent (2017). The success of these events has made the conference a regular event for researchers based in the UK, and elsewhere, who are working on all aspects of boundary integral methods. This book contains the abstracts and papers presented at the Twelfth UK Conference on Boundary Integral Methods (UKBIM 12), held at Oxford Brookes University in July 2019. The work presented at the conference, and published in this volume, demonstrates the wide range of work that is being carried out in the UK, as well as from further afield. I am grateful to the members of the scientific committee for their advice and support during the past year, and to all the authors and reviewers for their hard work in producing the high quality peer-reviewed papers for this book.

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