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Does Covid-19 pandemic tell us something about time and space to meet our being, belonging and becoming needs?


Background. People’s perceptions of events like a pandemic are shaped by individual experiences within their socio-cultural context. Attributing negative or positive meanings to an experience may influence the sense of Being, Belonging and Becoming. Aim and objectives. To investigate the impact of the isolation/social distancing measures on people’s sense of Being, Belonging, Becoming and overall sense of Occupational Wholeness compared to the time before the Covid-19 Pandemic as it is perceived by an Iranian population. Methods. The Model of Occupational Wholeness used to inform the theoretical basis of this study and development of the survey questions. An internet-based survey using a convenient and snowball sampling method was conducted. A self-administered questionnaire was published using a software named Porsline. A sample of 1624 members of the general population in Iran (67% response rate) completed the questionnaire within the first four weeks of the isolation/social distancing period starting on 18 March 2020. The Data was analysed by the SPSS 22. Results. The participants showed a more positive perceived level of Being and Belonging as well as an overall sense of Occupational Wholeness, and no difference in the perceived sense of Becoming during the isolation/social distancing period compared to the time before the Covid 19 pandemic. Conclusions. The findings show that the isolation/social distancing measures were perceived by participants as an opportunity to meet some of their Being, and Belonging needs that contribute to an overall sense of OccupationalWholeness.This highlights the role that Occupational science and Occupational therapy may have in helping people in situations when they need to rethink and replan for what they Do and the way they attribute meaning to their experiences.

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Yazdani, Farzaneh
Nazi, Sepideh
Kavousipor, Somaye
Karamali Esmaili, Samaneh
Rezaee, Mehdi
Rassafiani, Mehdi

Oxford Brookes departments

Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work


Year of publication: 2021
Date of RADAR deposit: 2022-08-16

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

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