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Use of the Capability, Opportunity and Motivation Behaviour model (COM-B) to understand interventions to support physical activity behaviour in people with stroke : an overview of reviews


Objective. Physical activity in people with stroke remains low despite considerable research. This overview aimed to provide high-level synthesis and aid clinical decision-making. The Capability, Opportunity, Motivation-Behaviour (COM-B) model was used to classify interventions to understand which components improve physical activity behaviour in people with stroke. Data Sources. CINAHL, Cochrane Database, MEDLINE, PEDro, PsychINFO, SPORTDiscus Review. MethodsA systematic search was conducted (November 2023) to identify reviews of interventions to improve physical activity in people with stroke. Results were screened and assessed for eligibility. Participant characteristics, intervention classification using COM-B, and effect of intervention were extracted. Quality was assessed using AMSTAR2, and Corrected Cover Analysis for study overlap. Narrative synthesis was used to understand components of interventions to improve physical activity behaviour. Results. 1801 references were screened and 29 full-text references assessed for eligibility. Twenty reviews were included. Quality ranged from critically low (n = 3) to high (n = 10). Study overlap calculated using corrected cover area indicated slight overlap (0.028) and minimal reporting bias. The majority of participants were mobile with mild stroke and community dwelling. Twenty-three interventions were classified using COM-B. Three of twelve interventions classified to one aspect of the COM-B were effective. Fourteen of sixteen effective interventions combined at least two COM-B elements, ten of these combined capability and motivation. Conclusion. Interventions including at least two elements of the COM-B are most likely to improve physical activity in mobile stroke survivors. Further research is needed to understand physical activity behaviour in those with moderate to severe stroke.

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Paterson, Sarah
Dawes, Helen
Winward, Charlotte
Bartram, Emilia
Dodds, Emma
McKinon, Jane
Gaskell, Helen
Collett, Johnny

Oxford Brookes departments

Department of Sport, Health Sciences and Social Work


Year of publication: 2024
Date of RADAR deposit: 2024-01-10

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