Postgraduate Dissertation

How can making Art be used to better understand how I learn as an Artist Teacher?


This autoethnographic study investigates learning in and through art practice from the perspectives of artist and adult learner. An interpretivist approach to reflective practice was adopted to generate self-knowledge to enable an exploration of ‘self’ in learning, whilst the exploration of cognitive and sensory processes involved in making was analysed in relation to knowledge generation and learning as meaning making. The focus for this research was prompted by a dissatisfaction with my adult learner identity and a desire to gain a more comprehensive understanding of learning in my art practice in order to proceed as a more confident and accomplished artist teacher. Arts based research methods were employed to investigate learning in my art practice through the creation and analysis of visual data over a period of eight months. Reflexive data analysis practice revealed holistic learning that evolved from the perception and interpretation of experience. Self-reflection through art practice was identified as a valuable means with which to evaluate perceptions of oneself leading to and enabling transformative and meaningful learning. New perspectives of learning in my art practice continue to strengthen my artist teacher identity and reinforce my belief in the necessity of art in education.

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