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Development of numerical model for the determination of crack opening and closure loads, for long cracks


‚ÄčA two-dimensional Finite Element (FE) model has been developed for determining crack opening and closure stresses, with the eventual aim of investigating plasticity induced closure effects on crack growth under variable amplitude loading. An issue with model verification is obtaining accurate experimental values of crack opening and closure loads. Validation was therefore carried out using experimental data from constant amplitude loading tests, recently obtained by the authors1, 2 where there was good confidence in the accuracy of the opening and closing loads. Elastic-perfect plastic and work hardening material properties were investigated to determine the effect they had on crack growth. The modelling considered long cracks by dividing the crack into consecutive small lengths. For this purpose, the restart capability included in the ABAQUS code was employed. In addition, a mesh refinement strategy was optimised to reduce the memory requirements for the thousands of cycles analysed. This enabled both long crack lengths and small element sizes to be studied which has not been done in the literature before. The FE results were in good agreement with most of the experimental results and possible reasons are given for some of the minor discrepancies observed.

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Aguilar Espinosa, A
Fellows, N
Durodola, J
Fellows, L

Oxford Brookes departments

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment\Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mathematical Sciences


Year of publication: 2016
Date of RADAR deposit: 2016-09-21

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