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Harmonic Versus Chaos Controlled Oscillators in Hexapedal Locomotion


The behavioural diversity of chaotic oscillator can be controlled into periodic dynamics and used to model locomotion using central pattern generators. This paper shows how controlled chaotic oscillators may improve the adaptation of the robot locomotion behaviour to terrain uncertainties when compared to nonlinear harmonic oscillators. This is quantitatively assesses by the stability, changes of direction and steadiness of the robotic movements. Our results show that the controlled Wu oscillator promotes the emergence of adaptive locomotion when deterministic sensory feedback is used. They also suggest that the chaotic nature of chaos controlled oscillators increases the expressiveness of pattern generators to explore new locomotion gaits.

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Fuente, Luis A.
Lones, Michael A.
Crook, Nigel T.
Olde Scheper, Tjeerd V.

Oxford Brookes departments

Faculty of Technology, Design and Environment
School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematics


Year of publication: 2015
Date of RADAR deposit: 2020-12-07

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