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  • Brookes Learning and Teaching Conference (6)
    Resources developed for the annual Oxford Brookes Learning and Teaching Conference
  • Brookes Virtual Help (226)
    A series of videos and documents to help students and staff use Brookes Virtual.
  • Cartoons by Bob Pomfret (109)
    A collection of cartoons for a wide range of projects in the university drawn by Bob Pomfret in the Media Workshop
  • Information about RADAR (55)
    Everything you need to know about RADAR: instruction guides, videos and photos.
  • JISC Learner Experiences of e-Learning (209)
    This collection synthesises outputs from the JISC Learner Experiences of e-Learning programme
  • Learning Resources (773)
    The full collection of resources developed by staff from the Learning Resources department at Oxford Brookes University
  • Open Educational Resources (1,032)
    Publicly available teaching resources developed by staff at Oxford Brookes University
  • Past Examination Papers (771)
    Oxford Brookes University past examination papers, for undergraduate and taught postgraduate courses, taken since the 2015/2016 academic year
  • Teaching collection (380)
    Teaching resources created by Oxford Brookes staff, restricted to staff and students
  • 2012 Legacies for Learning (166)
    Resources which can support higher education programmes in engaging students in learning through opportunities afforded by the Olympic and Paralympic Games and their legacy.
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Care Purchasing & Brokerage Programme Handbook 2022-23

IPC Care Purchasing and Brokerage Programme Handbook 2022-2023

Status: Live|Last updated:November 25, 2022 2:44 PM
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Citing your references in the MHRA Style (PDF)

Citing your References in the MHRA Style

A guide for English Literature, Creative Writing and Drama students on how to use the MHRA referencing style

Status: Live|Last updated:November 24, 2022 4:13 PM
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IPC Commissioning (Children's) October 2022

Module 4

Status: Live|Last updated:November 24, 2022 10:30 AM
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IPC Commissioning Alumni Conference

Supporting information for Show & Tell presentations

Status: Live|Last updated:November 21, 2022 11:59 AM
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Robin's Wardrobe

Student project by Magdalena Swider

Status: Live|Last updated:November 18, 2022 12:15 AM
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Good Practice Toolkit

Good Practice Toolkit - Social Worker well being and working conditions

Status: Live|Last updated:November 16, 2022 3:26 PM
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Accreditation Only Cohort 2022

Module 1 - 4 Update materials

Status: Live|Last updated:November 16, 2022 3:13 PM
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Ingredients list for  Yángzhōu chǎofàn 扬州炒饭 (fried rice).pdfMission Nutrition Activity 2 - nutrients.pdfMission Nutrition Stages Of Ripening Colouring Activity.pdfBusta's Brilliant Banana Saving Flapjack Recipe.pdfBusta's Maze Activity.pdfMake Your Own Captain Busta.pdfMake Your Own Planter.pdfMake Your Own Pong Pom Pom.pdfMake Your Own Watering Bottle.pdfSquaring like Smetham Worksheet.pdfAnimal Adaptations Worksheet.pdfColouring-sheet and draw your own croc!.pdfWordsearch-Challenge.pdfSnappy croc quiz!.pdfCroc Maths Quiz.pdfElisa Foxfords Guide to Coronavirus.pdfEV message decoder!.pdfEV Messages.pdfSustainopoly Instructions and Questions.pdfAlternative Concrete Pairs Game Instructions.pdfTop Trump Cards Shaldon Zoo_Science Bazaar 2021.pdfJungle Explorer's Activity Pack (4-7).pdfJungle Explorer's Activity Pack (8+).pdfBalloon Rocket Car Building Instructions.pdfThe Science Behind Balloon Powered Rocket Car.pdfIDEAS FOR ALL.pdfIdeas for Kids.pdfThe Brainstorming Whiz - Design you own Electric Car .pdfRSPB - Love Nature!.pdfLet's Write a Poem about Science.pdfLet's write a super poem about science! - presentaiton.pdfWildlifeFriendlyCoffee1.pngWildlifeFriendlyCoffee3.pngWildlifeFriendlyCoffee2.pngColour of Light Science Show! Resource October 2022.pdfScience Bazaar Saturday The Colour of Light Science Show Items needed to join in October 2021.pdfAvocado Cake in a Cup Recipe Card.pngScienceBazaarSaturdayNutrition_ShellyCoe.mp4ScienceBazaarSaturdayNutrition_RianneCostello.mp4MyBazaarResearchCompetition2022.pdfMicrobes and Mucus Science Show! Resource January 2022.pdfBath Bomb teaching resource.pdfSherbet teaching resource.pdfSlime teaching resource.pdfButterflies Assemble.pdfPE Activity_Caterpillar movement.pdfScience Experiment_Finding Host Plants.pdfFun Activities_Answer sheets.pdfFun Activities_Food chain word search.pdfFun Activities_Life Cycle Sudoku.pdfHandout_Butterfly life cycle.pdfHandout_Food chain.pdfButterflies in Art.pdfButterfly Wing Art Templates.pdfCaterpillar coding.pdfEnglish Comprehension.pdfPE Activity Instructions.pdfFigure 1_PE Activity.pdfPE Activity Work sheet.pdfFinding Host Plants.pdfAdaptations Templates.pdfScience Activity Worksheet.pdfPE Activity_Caterpillar movement(2).pdfScience Experiment_Finding Host Plants(2).pdfPart 1_Butterflies and moths and their habitats_Broookes branded_narrated.pdfPart 2_Butterflies and moths in the food chain_Brookes branded_narrated.pdfPart 3_How do humans impact butterfly and moth habitats_narrated.PPT.pdfPart 4_Adaptations in butterfly and moth caterpillars_Brookes branded_narrated.pdfPart 5_Adaptations in caterpillar movement behaviour_Broookes branded_narrated.pdfTranscript of Power Point Slides_parts 1 2 and 3.pdfTranscript of Power Point Slides_parts 4 and 5.pdfMaria Sibylla Merian.pdfWhat happens inside a butterfly egg.pdfGWFindingButterfliesBrookes.pdfSuperpillars Assemble Leaflet.pdfActive Organs Science Show! Resource March 2022 FORTEe.pdfSuperpillars Assemble.pdfFinding Host Plants_2.mp4Bubbleology - handwashing.pdfBubble teaching resource.pdfActive Organs Science Show! Resource March 2022 FORTEe(2).pdfLet’s Write a Super-poem about Science!.pdfDNA origami (blank template instructions).pdf15485-DNA_origami_temp_blank.pdfDNA origami (instructions).pdfMonster Genetics Science Show! Resource 17 September 2022.pdfMove it all about wordsearch.pdfAvatar colouring activity.pdfScience Bazaar Saturdays Science of Your Brain Activity Sheet.pdf

Science Bazaar Beyond and Science Bazaar Saturday Resources

Resources to accompany the activity Science Bazaar and Science Bazaar Saturday events.

Status: Live|Last updated:November 14, 2022 12:44 PM
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IPC Commissioning (Adults) October 2022

Module 4 materials

Status: Live|Last updated:November 10, 2022 11:01 AM
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IPC Children's online October 2022 Module 3

IPC Children's online October 2022 Module 3 materials

Status: Live|Last updated:November 8, 2022 10:44 AM
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