Learning and Teaching

  • Brookes Learning and Teaching Conference (6)
    Resources developed for the annual Oxford Brookes Learning and Teaching Conference
  • Brookes Virtual Help (208)
    A series of videos and documents to help students and staff use Brookes Virtual.
  • Cartoons by Bob Pomfret (109)
    A collection of cartoons for a wide range of projects in the university drawn by Bob Pomfret in the Media Workshop
  • Information about RADAR (56)
    Everything you need to know about RADAR: instruction guides, videos and photos.
  • JISC Learner Experiences of e-Learning (209)
    This collection synthesises outputs from the JISC Learner Experiences of e-Learning programme
  • Learning Resources (545)
    The full collection of resources developed by staff from the Learning Resources department at Oxford Brookes University
  • Open Educational Resources (606)
    Publicly available teaching resources developed by staff at Oxford Brookes University
  • Past Examination Papers (376)
    Oxford Brookes University past examination papers, for undergraduate and taught postgraduate courses, taken since the 2015/2016 academic year
  • Teaching collection (367)
    Teaching resources created by Oxford Brookes staff, restricted to staff and students
  • 2012 Legacies for Learning (166)
    Resources which can support higher education programmes in engaging students in learning through opportunities afforded by the Olympic and Paralympic Games and their legacy.
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National Brewing Library Donations and Purchases 2017

NBL Additions 2016-17

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IJEBCM toolbar

A toolbar for importing into the RADAR pages, sub-pages, and records of the International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring

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Empathy, Social Realism, or just Love Troubles? On Japanese “Little Songs”

The Edo-period Japan (1603–1868) saw the emergence of an art music genre called Jiuta-sōkyoku. Some of the song texts were taken from classical literature, some were descriptions of nature, some celebratory, and some were songs about the emotions and thoughts of less fortunate women. Especially those in the last category were written for the specific purpose of being song texts, but how can we relate to these songs? In this presentation I give a number of examples and discuss the socio-cultural context in which they came about, and how we could relate to them in the different social context of the present day.

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Getting started with Moodle - IPC student guide

Guide to Moodle, specifically aimed at Institute of Public Care students

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The Men Who Came In from the Cold Japanese Captives in Siberia and the Making of Postwar Japan

On 15 August 1945, Emperor Hirohito announced Japan's defeat in the Second World War to millions of his subjects. "Enduring the unendurable," the nation was now to start on the road of peace and rebuilding. Yet for over 600,000 Japanese soldiers, the war was not to end on that August day. Defeated and captured by the Soviet Red Army in northeast China, these former soldiers were put in freight trains and taken to Soviet forced labour camps. For years they worked in various industries alongside Soviet prisoners and foreign POWs, longing for the day of return to their motherland. They underwent a well-planned propaganda education program that called them to stage a communist revolution upon return to Japan. Perhaps because of this education, they were greeted with suspicion and for many years struggled to take back their rightful place as Japanese citizens. In this talk, I trace the circuitous journey of the 'Siberian internees' from Manchuria to the Soviet camps, from camp to camp within the USSR, and finally …

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Moodle Student Support Site

Further support for students on using Moodle

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Get to know Feedback Studio: A Student Tutorial

A quick guide which shows how students can submit their assignments to Turnitin via Moodle.

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Library help guides for law students

These guides are aimed at Oxford Brookes law students and will help you use library resources for law assignments and research. If you find these guides helpful or have any suggestions for additional guides you would find useful, do let the Academic Liaision Librarian for law know.

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How to add outputs to Converis / the CRIS for REF 2021

The Scholarly Communications team made this video and step-by-step guides to help Oxford Brookes researchers to add their research publications (primarily journal articles and conference proceedings) to Converis (also know as 'the CRIS' - or Current Research Information System). It is particularly relevant for showing researchers how to add the information to Converis that the Scholarly Communications team need in order to help their output meet HEFCE's (Higher Education Funding Council for England) Open Access requirements for REF 2021 (Research Excellence Framework 2021).

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Geography skills audit

If you have completed the geography skills audit, you may have identified some areas you would like to work on. We have gathered together some useful resources for you in this list https://brookes.rl.talis.com/lists/B7959425-9A1C-1103-4784-86E45E2BC592.html You can browse the list or look up specific questions in this PDF to see which section of the list would be most useful.

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